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Managing Your Furry Coworker: 3 Tips for Working From Home With Your Pet

Normally, you’d be delighted to schlepp your furry pal to the office, but this year is different. You may be working remotely, which means your home is your office. So, how can you manage you furry coworker and still get all your projects done? Here are our tips, to help your furry coworker boost your creativity without posing a distraction. 

#1: Encourage your pet to provide their own entertainment with food puzzles

While your adorable pooch popping their head in on your Zoom meeting may make your team break into laughter, non-stop barking during a meeting is a different matter. When you know an important call or virtual meeting is coming up, set you and your pet up for success with a food puzzle or long-lasting treat. Plan ahead by freezing a Kong stuffed with canned food, kibble, fresh veggies, or yogurt mixture. The frozen concoction will last your pet longer, ensuring they won’t interrupt your meeting. 

#2: Take a quick play break for mental and physical health

Have you been staring at the same blank screen or stack of paperwork for the past half hour, with zero progress? Get up and get moving with your furry coworker, to bolster your endorphins, and get your creative juices flowing. A brief break to play with your cat’s favorite fishing pole toy, or to walk your dog around the block, will provide a much-needed energy boost, and propel you out of your mental slump. 

#3: Use your pet’s natural soothing abilities to battle stress

Pet ownership has been shown to lower blood pressure, calm cardiovascular issues, and reduce stress and anxiety. Simply being in the same room as your furry pal can calm your heart rate after an argument with your boss, and hugging and petting your four-legged friend can soothe away your stress and anxiety. Other coworkers cannot claim these benefits!

While working from home has been a challenge, your furry coworkers couldn’t be happier to help! We hope you appreciate these extra moments with your pets. Contact us for more information on pet behavior tips and tricks.